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How to Kill Termite

Ngày đăng: 23 - 11 - 2023 Tác giả: Thái Phương Chuyên mục: How to Kill termites Lượt xem:125

– Your house is being attacked by termites. You are having a headache trying to find a way to completely eliminate the termites that are destroying your family’s furniture. You are concerned that using termite-killing chemicals will affect your health.
– The first thing you should know: what are termites? Why are there termites? How to kill all termites? before starting work.
– Termites are insects that work in the dark and live in groups. Thrives in the rainy season or wet areas and especially in damp wood. Termites enter our homes in many different ways. Termites can eat wood 24 hours a day without being detected for years. Therefore, you must have a solution to destroy them as soon as they are discovered. In this article, the Dutch company tells you the 28 most effective ways to completely eliminate termites . So you can destroy them before they destroy your house!

Top 28 Simplest and Most Effective Ways to Kill Termite at Home

1. Vietnamese Termite Extermination

ways to kill termites

How to Kill Termite in Vietnam, is the most optimal way to kill termites today. Place bait boxes in places where termites appear and are infesting. Inside is wood with an attractant to attract termites into the bait box. (bait time from 08 – 12 days). Spray PMC 90DP powder into the amount of termites in the box. With this special medicine, termites will not die on the spot. Which causes them to be exposed to the drug and bring it back to the nest, infecting the entire nest and completely destroying the Termite nest. (Infection time for the entire termite nest is from 7 to 15 days).

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2. American Termite Extermination

Japanese termite extermination method
ways to kill termites

American termite extermination method, new generation termite extermination Requiem. The bait design contains food that attracts termites and kills termites thanks to the transmission mechanism. After the worker termites eat the bait, they bring the Requiem bait back for the whole nest to eat. The active growth regulator Chlorfluazuron will affect the growth process. Prevent molting in termite individuals, termites cannot molt to grow up and die. The drug is imported directly from the US and manufactured by Ensystex company.

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3. Japanese Termite Extermination

Japanese termite extermination method
ways to kill termites

How to kill Japanese termites, new generation termite killer Xterm. With a bait box design containing food to attract termites. Destroy termites thanks to the transmission mechanism. After the worker termites eat and retrieve prey back to the nest, the worker termites feed the young termites and queen termites. Chitin synthesis inhibitors cause newly born termites and adult termites to be unable to molt and die. Xterm termite baits contain two main active ingredients: growth inhibitors (IGRs) and slow-release toxins.

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4. Kill termites with garlic, chili and ginger

Kill termites with garlic, chili and ginger

The way to kill termites with Garlic – Chili – Ginger is to combine essential oils and the characteristic pungent smell of each ingredient. Today, this method is widely used in gardening. This is considered a biological pesticide made from homemade herbs. Ingredients such as garlic – chili – ginger contain essential oils and quite strong acid content that will help repel and kill termites and other insects.

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5. Kill Termite With Insect Spray

Use Mosquito Spray To Kill Termites

Killing termites with insecticide spray is an ‘immediate’ option when discovering a house is infested with termites. Most people will use mosquito spray to deal with it when they detect termites. Because it is available in the house, it is very convenient and termites are also insects so it can be shared. Insect sprays can be very effective in repelling mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches… But what if you forgot to use them to kill termites? A big mistake people make when dealing with termites is trying to use insecticide sprays on termites and hoping they will go away on their own.

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6. Kill termites with hot water

Kill termites with hot water

In fact, boiling water can kill termites and other insects. This method has been passed down by word of mouth from ancient times to the present. Boiled water has a good effect on subterranean termites. Because they tend to live underground. To kill termites, target termite nests. By pouring boiling water over any visible termites and using a watering can at the tunnel entrance. Depending on the size of the colony and the type of termite, you can repeat the process.

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7. Kill Termite By Freezing

Kill termites with Freezing

Termites are common pests in warm regions, especially tropical climates. In cold climates, there are fewer of these insects, but they are still present. Because termites are slower and less active in cold weather. So some people use termite freezing as a pest control method.

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8. Kill termites with lime

Kill termites with lime
ways to kill termites

Killing termites with lime is a simple traditional method. But it is very effective and inexpensive, favored and commonly used by families. Using lime to kill termites does not contain chemical ingredients harmful to health and is environmentally friendly.

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9. Kill Termite With Nematodes

Kill Termite With Nematodes

Beneficial nematodes are microscopic, unsegmented worms. They are natural parasites on pests without causing harm to plants. In particular, they are also parasitic on termites. It burrows into termites’ bodies, usually killing them within 48 hours. In this article, we will discuss how to kill termites with nematodes.

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10. Kill termites with termite baits

Kill termites with termite baits

Termite baits consist of cellulose (a structural component of wood), combined with slow-acting pesticides that disrupt the normal development process of termites. Baits are usually installed below ground level around the entire perimeter of the building. They can also be applied indoors over active termite tunnels.

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11. Kill termites with aloe vera

Kill termites with aloe vera

Aloe vera is also known as Aloe vera (or Aloe vera). Aloe vera is a commonly used plant in the home. Aloe vera is used in food preparation, beauty and medicine. Aloe vera has the effect of clearing heat and burning, cooling the liver, detoxifying, clearing bowel movements, antiseptic, and is often used as an enema to treat constipation, treat stomach ulcers, and heal wounds. The aloe vera plant has gel that helps kill termites extremely effectively and is environmentally friendly. When termites come into direct contact with aloe vera, they will be killed immediately. You can make your own by crushing the plant and mixing it with water. This can be a very quick solution to a termite infestation.

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12. Kill termites with Borax

Kill termites with Borax

How to kill termites with Han The. Everyone knows that borax is very toxic. Taking advantage of the toxicity of this substance, people have used it as bait for termites to prevent the termites from digesting it and gradually starving to death. Using borax is one of the effective methods. In this article, we will discuss how to kill termites extremely quickly with borax. Notes when applying to ensure the health safety of you and your loved ones.

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13. Kill Termite With Vinegar and Lemon

Kill termites with vinegar and lemon

Killing termites with vinegar and lemon is a good termite control mixture. Without the opportunity to call a termite expert, most homeowners tend to do the termite removal themselves. One of the home remedies is to kill termites with vinegar. This method is effective if the area affected by termites is small and new.
Mix the vinegar solution with water or lemon juice. Then, spray on the wood and into the termite holes to eliminate these pests in your home.

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14. Kill termites with soapy water

Kill termites with soapy water

Killing termites with soapy water is very cheap and easy to do. The water and soap solution forms a film that causes termites to suffocate. So soap and water is a very good option for short-term termite control at home.

To use this home remedy. All you need is a few tablespoons of soap, a few cups of water, and a spray bottle. Spray a soap and water solution on wood or soil where termites are active. As termites move around, they get stuck in the soap mixture. You must repeat this several times to keep these areas soaked.

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15. Kill termites with garlic oil

Kill termites with garlic oil

Can Garlic Oil kill termites? This is a common question people ask about how to kill termites naturally to get rid of them. Garlic is a natural pesticide that can be used to kill termites with garlic oil. It is important to note that garlic oil only kills the termites it comes into contact with. To be effective, it must be applied directly to the affected area.

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16. Kill termites with sun exposure

Kill Termite by Sun Exposure

The way to kill termites is by sun exposure, which is when termites are exposed to sunlight. They will die in a few minutes. The reason is that termites only thrive in humid environments where there is enough moisture. When termites are exposed to sunlight, it becomes difficult for them to survive. Because sunlight evaporates some of the moisture available in their environment. At this time, termites lack the necessary materials to decompose and digest food.

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17. Kill termites with fresh turmeric powder

Kill termites with turmeric powder

Pure turmeric powder is an extremely powerful termite-killing weapon. Killing termites with turmeric powder has an extremely pungent smell and can kill termites and many other insects, especially ants. You just need to sprinkle lightly on the areas where termites are present. For areas that cannot be sprinkled, such as a wardrobe, put turmeric powder in a sealed bag and hang it. Turmeric will be especially effective if placed in sheltered, sheltered areas. Because the pungent smell of turmeric will be effective and kill insects very well.

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18. Kill Termite With Spicy Chili Powder

Kill termites with spicy chili powder

Kill termites with hot chili powder. Hot peppers contain the active ingredient capsaicin. Capsaicin is what makes your mouth burn. Its pungent smell and heat can also repel termites. The capsaicin in hot peppers kills termites by damaging their nervous system. To treat termites, you can sprinkle powder directly on them or spray it by combining it with water, vegetable oil and pepper powder.

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19. Kill termites with boric acid

Use Boric Acid To Kill Termites

Termites are dangerous pests that can cause serious damage to your wooden structures. Anyone who has termites needs to take action to remove them before they have a chance to cause damage to your home or structure. You can use a simple but effective household product to kill termites. Boric acid works by dehydrating the termite and shutting down its nervous system. Simply spray cracks and crevices in floors, walls and ceilings evenly with acid. Here’s everything you need to know about boric acid, its safety for pets and humans, and how to use it to kill termites.

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20. Kill termites with cardboard traps

How to use cardboard to catch termites

Once you have identified the source of the termite infestation, wet cardboard and stack them on top of each other to create a homemade bait. Make a simple trap to keep them away. All you need is a piece of cardboard. The termites will be attracted and they will crawl into the cardboard to get the bait. Once they get inside, they won’t be able to get out and they will eventually die.

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21. Kill termites with essential oils

Termite killing essential oil

How to repel termites with essential oils. Essential oil, an active ingredient that has the ability to kill drywood termites. This is an effective, natural termite removal method without using chemicals. To prevent termites, you can spray essential oil on wooden objects or put cotton soaked in essential oil in a wooden cabinet… This will help keep termites away from your wooden equipment.

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22. Kill termites with tobacco

Kill termites with tobacco

To prepare it, users mix pipe tobacco or dried leaves and stems of the pipe tobacco plant with water and soak the mixture overnight. After 24 hours, the soaking mixture will be light brown. If the solution is too dark, users should add water. When the solution is light brown, it can be used. Spray once a week.

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23. Kill termites with termite chemicals

Termite Control Chemicals

Killing termites with chemicals is not a natural way to kill termites. But in fact it is extremely effective because these are chemicals specifically used to kill termites.

If you choose the right specialized chemical, it can have a very strong impact. The medicine can poison termites and after coming into contact with the chemical, it will infect other termites, leading to the destruction of the entire colony.

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24. Kill Termites With Salt

How to Kill Termites with Granular Salt

Killing termites with granulated salt is one of the environmentally friendly ways to kill termites at home. Used by many families. Because they are effective, the materials are easy to find and the method of implementation is very simple. Using this way to kill termites will not harm human health.
This method has been passed down by word of mouth from ancient times to the present, using granular salt to eliminate termites. Not only that, granulated salt is also used to prevent termites very well.

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25. Kill termites with Diesel or Lubricant Oil

Kill termites with Diesel or Lubricant Oil
ways to kill termites

Killing termites with diesel or lubricant oil is one of the effective ways to kill termites at home that many families choose to use. Because they are highly effective, the materials are easy to find and the method of implementation is very simple. Using this way to kill termites will not harm human health. So have you tried handling them this way or that? Join us to learn how to kill termites with diesel oil – lubricant oil. Does this method bring any special results?See details

26. Kill Termite In The Wall

Kill termites in walls

Termites are quite small in size, they can easily penetrate cracks, clogged holes in walls, shared house walls, formwork left over during the construction and disassembly process, and underground electrical lines. wall. These are key places for termites to roam. Once it enters your home, it will eat the wooden materials in your walls. Short-circuiting causes fires and explosions and eats wooden furniture… Ultimately damaging the structure of the house. Below, Dutch termite control will help you kill termites in your walls in the most effective way. Or How to kill termites eating in electrical sockets.

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27. Termite Eating Kitchen Shelves


Kitchen shelves or kitchen cabinets (wall cabinets, or wall-mounted wooden cabinets) are made of wood. Whether it is natural or industrial wood, it exudes the beauty of luxury and class, which is the most outstanding advantage of wood. However, during use, kitchen shelves made of wood have certain limitations. The most common condition is being eaten by termites. So how to limit this situation from natural or industrial wood and how to kill termites eating on wooden kitchen cabinets… Join the Dutch termite extermination company to learn how to handle kitchen shelves made of wood that are eaten by termites.

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28. Eliminate Subterranean Termite

subterranean termites

Subterranean termites are very difficult to kill because they are very picky about their prey. Getting the lure into the bait box is a problem. To identify this termite species, we can observe the following characteristics:
1. Worker termites and soldier termites are smaller than other termite species.
2. Termites are gray.
3. The termite path is gray. In particular, termite lines are very hard and smaller than other termite species.
The best way to completely eliminate termites in your home is to use a professional termite extermination service. We can apply specialized methods specifically designed to treat termite nests and their colonies.

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